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About NHJ

NHJ do Brasil provides innovation through space. Always giving the right answer within the highest standards of quality and safety, NHJ solves any need for space or accommodation (permanent or temporary).

With the experience of three generations and 77,200 m2 of deployed operational areas at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, and at its branches in São Paulo, Fortaleza and Rio das Ostras. Novo Horizonte Jacarepaguá is a leading company in the sales and leasing of modular technology (habitable modules), maritime and refrigerated containers.

We serve customers from several sectors, such as in engineering, construction, hospitals, events, laboratories, oil companies (onshore and offshore), warehouses and industries in general.


Finding smart solutions for any space requirement


Each new customer is a clear sign that our work is being approved and well done. We put our hearts in what we do and praise the fact that we are somehow contributing to make the lives of our customers more peaceful.


Our greatest challenge is to prove to society that the culture of NHJ do Brasil in working with distinguished technology is accepted and certified in first world countries. Another challenge is to help solving space problems



    Inhabitable modules are adaptable to a variety of situations prefabricated structures. Quick to install, using modular scalability and principles can agilely respond to every call for space solutions for temporary or permanent accommodation.

    The modules can be used efficiently in extension schools, clinics, hospitals, offices, laboratories, among other modular designs.

    Are demonstrably more efficient than conventional construction, having good speed in the construction process, favorable prices, the ability to project development, the low amount of waste work having a much cleaner and sustainable work.

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    • Módulo Habitável utilizado para evento Nike, venda e locação.
      Módulos Habitáveis fazem parte do evento da NIKE.


    NHJ do Brasil is very experienced in container sales and rental. Our Marine Containers may be used as inhabiting units for civil construction accommodations, special projects and events.

    Always seeking better customer service, the company has smart solutions for any space issues, temporary or permanent.

    Practical, economic and safe, these are ideal for locations with adverse conditions, subjected to the climate, mud, dust, etc. An ideal option for anyone who wishes to bring anywhere the comfort of an office.

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    • Venda e locação de containers marítimo escritórios, suítes, banheiros, depósitos e muito mais.
      Containers reformados conseguem ser adaptados para toda solução.


    Smart, innovative and economic solutions for transport and conservation of products under specific temperatures. It features easily operated freezing chambers, which maintains temperatures between -20 and +20°C under strict control.

    Our refrigerated containers are totally versatile: 28m³, 56m³ and 68m³, or whatever your needs may require.

    hey may be used in the conservation of many types of perishable cargo which require constant temperature control, such as: Vaccines, meat, flowers, dairy products, fruit, among others.

    Our equipment are totally integrated, where the temperature generation machine is attached to the container, allowing connection with 220v, 380v and 440v three-phase energy sources.

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    • Venda e locação de containers frigoríficos no Estados do Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Goiás e Ceará.
      A NHJ possui containers frigoríficos de 10, 20 e 40 pés.


    Projects developed by NHJ specialists and consultants, whose owned technology (Patents/INPI) attains excellence in its conception, addressing all levels of enforced regulations and legislations.

    Container adaptations for various purposes are being used by many companies of this segment, due to customer requests in search of quickness, versatility and dynamism of their activities. In this context, before the countless business opportunities that the national market has presented NHJ do Brasil, we perform projects with specific features.

    May be customized to:
    Clean rooms, ICU / Critical Patients Unit, Biotechnology, Academic Studies (laboratories, environment simulation), Industries and pharmaceutical labs, veterinary industry, Computer and electronic components industry, Food industry, microbiological security environment, manipulation laboratories, hospitals and surgery centers, physiochemical / microbiology / analyses laboratories.

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    • Projetos feitos em módulos Habitáveis
      Módulos Habitáveis utilizados pela Prefeitura carioca.


    NHJ do Brasil also specializes in the transport of containers and habitable modules.

    Aware of the commitment and importance of each cargo, we offer full service in leasing, transport and furniture. We count on a team of experts to carry out the logistics with total safety.

    We only transport company containers that have been sold or leased.

    List of equipment:
    Munck truck w/ container chassis
    Munck truck w/o container chassis
    Container chassis trailer

    • A NHJ do Brasil possui a frota completa para o transporte de todos os tipos de containers.
      A NHJ do Brasil possui a frota completa para o transporte de todos os tipos de containers.


    NHJ do Brasil provides a wide variety of equipment and furniture for leasing:
    – Air conditioners
    – Tables
    – Chairs
    – Beds and bunk beds

    Leasing of equipment and furniture is exclusive to customers who lease our containers and habitable modules.

    • Acessórios em módulos habitáveis
      Acessórios em módulos habitáveis - ar condicionado






NHJ and your actuation in modules marketplace

NHJ do Brasil is part of the article that shows the development of modular technology in the brazilian market, it was also highlighted our storage containers and cooler containers. Learn more  about habitable modules, storage containers and cooler containers. Want to know more about the containers world? Click here and send us an e-mail.  

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Inhabitable Modules: new fast spaces

NHJ do Brasil inhabitable modules stands out once again! The brazilian magazine “Construir e Reformar” standed out the velocity of assembling to raise an office and the good quality of our equipments, besides others! Check it out! Do you want to know more about the Containers’ world? Click here and send us an e-mail Facebook […]

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New fast spaces

Check the article published by the magazine, Logweb, talking about us and our technology, inhabitable modules. The velocity to build, the quality of the equipment and the it’s comfort were stand out by the magazine. Check it out!   Do you wnat to know more about our technology? Click here and send us an e-mail! […]

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Food Event uses inhabitable modules of NHJ do Brasil

NHJ do Brasil’s inhabitable modules have been used as stands, restrooms, storages and offices at the event “Lá Fora Food Park”, we attend this event throught our branch in Fortaleza.   Would you like to know more about our containers? Click here and send us an e-mail! Check our fan pages! Facebook / LinkedIn

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Head Office
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Rio das Ostras
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